Tax Disputes with the IRS & WI Department of Revenue

If your receive a letter from the IRS or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, we are very experienced helping client’s respond.  You should first contact us before calling or writing in response to the letter.  Also, be aware that taxing authorities ALWAYS initiate an inquiry with a letter.   NEVER respond to a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS unless a case has already been opened with a written communication.

Our office has access to sophisticated tax preparation materials.  We are able to prepare missing returns or amend returns as far back as ever needed.  Whether the inquiry is due to failure to file, a questioned entry, or a complete audit, we can assist you.

We promise not to judge you if you failed to file or submitted inaccurate information.  Our goal is to help you resolve the matter in the most economical manner while taking the pressure of the inquiry off your shoulders.