Tax Preparation & Accounting Services

We provide a complete range of tax preparation and accounting services to individuals, estates, and small businesses. Most clients with more complex returns take advantage of a year-end tax strategy meeting scheduled in October or November.  During this meeting, recommendations are made to make sure the client can take advantage of tax saving strategies.  If you are a new client to Riverwood Legal & Accounting Services, S.C., we will review prior returns to make sure that you took advantage of all credits and deductions.  If cost effective, we are able to amend the prior year’s returns.

Once you become a tax preparation client, we automatically send you a tax organizer so that you have a easy guide to follow for the information needed to prepare your return.  Almost all returns are filed electronically to ensure quick receipt and processing of refunds which can be automatically deposited in your bank accounts.  Our tax preparation software is arguably the best available with several layers of security to protect you private information.