Roman A. Chojnacki

(pronounced hoy-not-ski)

Roman grew-up in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Roman’s father was the Municipal Judge in La Crosse and also had his own law practice.  Through his father’s law office, Roman saw the value of the services a trusted attorney could provide to his clients.  One of Roman’s first jobs was taking his father’s pencil written drafts and typing them on the Federal and State tax forms.  Roman also shadowed his father around town visiting the various county offices that attorneys frequented.  At an early age, Roman set his sights on gaining a law degree and returning to La Crosse to practice law.

During law school Roman was recruited to join the Navy as a lawyer.  The economy at the time was in a slump and “seeing the world” seemed to be a better opportunity.  After seven years in the Navy as a Judge Advocate stationed in the Philippines and Washington, DC, Roman returned to Wisconsin to start his civilian law career.  An opportunity at Western Publishing in Racine (later renamed Golden Books), lead to a ten year corporate legal career.  When the financial fortunes of Golden Books declined, Roman decided to leave the company and enter private practice.  Roman initially shared office space in Waukesha with his sister Ann also an attorney.  Together they worked on real estate transactions, business law, and estate planning.  Roman decided he wanted to focus solely on estate planning and relocated to Pewaukee where he started his own firm.  As the practice grew, Roman began getting involved in more complex cases.  Needing more resources than he had available in his individual firm, Roman joined a firm with another estate planner and a staff of experienced paralegals.

After working together on cases with Matt for over a decade, Roman formally joined Riverwood Legal & Accounting Services, S.C. in September 2015.